Friday, February 27, 2009


I love Chili, and I love hot food. The love for hot food started on my mission where I served among the Hispanic people of Northern California. Now, our church holds an annual chili cook-off and cake auction. The cake auction is to benefit the congregation's cub scouts. In 2003 I won the "Best Chili" award, even though I was not pleased with my chili that year, I thought it was too runny and not hot enough. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 I have won the hottest chili prize. I didn't set out to try to make the hottest, it just worked that way.

I recall two incidents from my past.

Many years ago a friend was making some chili for a pot-luck dinner. As he was cooking it, he kept asking me if it was hot enough yet, and I kept saying no. Finally I admitted that I was able to detect there was at least a hint of "heat". No one at the dinner except for me was able to eat it.

Prior to 2003, my wife cooked the chili for the cook-off; she won the hottest chili several times. Again, she spiced it until I was able to detect just a hint of "heat". My "hint" is more than most can stomach. In 2006 when I made my chili, I was just trying to make something I liked, and it just happened to be the hottest.

We had our annual cook-off tonight; the rule for entering a hot chili is that you have to be able to eat your own chili. For the past three years several people have tried to dethrone me, one of them was specifically targeting me.

It was with great honor and relief tonight that I passed the mantle, I didn't win anything. Now I can forget about defending my title and return to my favorite pastime of just making chili that I think is good, and try different recipes. So far I have a Southwest Chili, a Fiery Death Chili (which is really just the Southwest with extra hot sauce added), a White Chili and what I call my Best Chili. All of these, most people call hot, but I think even the most average person can still eat the white chili.

Now that I am no longer defending my throne, I will reveal the secret of my hot chili. Dave’s Ultimate Insanity Sauce Limited Edition ( It comes in its own coffin with a yellow caution tape. The limited Edition is a special sauce with 3x the heat of the regular insanity sauce, almost equal to pepper spray.

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