Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't try to scam me, part 2

How stupid do they think we are? Or maybe I should be asking, just how dumb are these people? A few weeks ago they sent a bogus letter and check that I didn't fall for ( and now they send another one. This one claims to be from "International Financial Investigations Inc" in New York. The post mark is still Canadian, but the check is from MCAS Beaufort Federal Credit Union in South Carolina. Where do they want me to send the money? Either to Australia or Singapore! Now I know we are global economy these days, but involving four different countries in one letter is a bit much.

I confess, I didn't do an much research this time as before, but a google search on the fax number gave this result: A reverse lookup on the phone number goes to a cell phone in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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