Sunday, December 27, 2009

Return Unto The Fold

There is a story about two men who were in danger of dying. In order for both to live, one had to yield to the other. The first man said to the second, “My soul is prepared, how’s yours”. This idea is how I strive to live my life at all times. None of us know when we will die. No man knows when Christ will return. If the unexpected were to happen, I hope to be ready. But how can I if I have not done all I could to bring others back to the fold of God. When I say bring others back to the fold, I am talking about all mankind. Were we not all members of the Lord’s kingdom before we came to this earthly existence? To all of us who have already been brought back into the fold it is our calling, duty, and responsibility to share the eternal truth with those who do not have a full understanding of God’s purpose for us.

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