Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Internet Explorer is not Evil, Mozilla is not the cure

This morning I was reading an article that France and Germany have recommended that people not use Internet Explorer, this following an attack against Google utilizing a zero-day exploit in IE. An exploit that is primarily in v6, it can be done in later versions as well, but only if the user opens the system up to it.

After reading that, I had a funny conversation this afternoon. I had finished doing a malware removal from a system and was talking to the user who said "How could I have a virus, I don't use Internet Explorer."

As most experts acknowledge, using alternative browsers will only be effective for as long as IE is the dominant browser. People that target exploits in IE do so because they have more targets, give another browser more users and they become the target. Check the vulnerability comparisons between IE and other browsers and you will see that IE is not the only one that has had problems.

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