Monday, April 11, 2011

Microsoft Mathematics

Back when I was in college, we didn't have graphing calculators.  I remember  writing a program in my sophomore year that would do my homework for me.  Back then, we would have to manually enter points in the equations and then plot them on a piece of paper.  After doing about 10 problems that way, I wrote a program that would go through a loop of points, plug them into the equation and then print out the final graph.  Next morning I got up and my homework was done.  When I turned them in, my instructor asked if he could keep those graphs because they were more accurate than anything he had previously worked with.

A couple of years later I saw a program that would do 2D and 3D charts on the computer, but I haven't seen that application since the graphing calculators became common place.  I guess I just haven't kept up on the software side of things.  Microsoft came out with v4 of their Mathematics application back in January.

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